Taking a Look in the Mirror

Taking a Look in the Mirror

One of the most important things an organization can do is to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror every so often. It can also be one of the most difficult. Sure, it’s easy to celebrate the victories and the things that went well in a given year, but it can be difficult, for many reasons, to acknowledge what hasn’t worked. That said it’s even harder to do that in a very public, outward-facing manner.

That’s why I think what eBay is doing is so commendable. I’m speaking specifically about eBay Partner Network – the affiliate arm of the company. Director, Chad Wehrmaker and Head of U.S. Affiliates, JJ McCarthy have done a great job in owning their successes and failures on their video series “Chatting with EPN.”

Chatting with EPN: Episode 11 from eBay Partner Network TV on Vimeo.

We’re not always going to hit home runs with everything we do. The important thing is that you take controlled risks, evaluate what worked and what didn’t and be honest with your customer base about it. I commend a company like eBay – large and no-doubt filled with red tape around the types of things fit for public disclosure – yet they’re able and willing to put themselves out there for the benefit of their partners.

If EPN can do it, why can’t you?