Search and Social Media Behavior is Changing

Search and Social Media Behavior is Changing

This video was originally posted over on MediaTrust’s Blog, but I thought it had some great information so I wanted to share it here as well.

As marketers we talk a lot about best practices and what we can be doing better – especially in areas of search and social media. Sometimes though, it’s not about what WE are doing, but more about what our CUSTOMERS are doing.

In this episode of Relevantly Speaking we’re taking a look at how users behavior is changing in how they use social media. The creation of personal content is actually down from a year ago. Instead, people seem to be using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to link to professionally produced content. How does that shift the way brands promote themselves?

Additionally, there is some interesting data about how users approach search. Does your average user understand the difference between natural and paid search? Will they click on one result over another? How does video factor into all of this?

If we can better understand how customers find and share information, we are arguably in a better position to enhance what we put out into the world so that it has a better chance of reaching the right audience.

What do you think? Has your use of search and social media changed in the last year? Does it change the way you approach your marketing efforts?

  • great show scott.. i think we are going to see several interesting new trends in search, social and other media channels this year. especially as social shifts to less noise and more roi content 🙂

  • Agreed Peter. Especially if companies are going to continue to use these technologies and platforms as a sustainable form of marketing. We need to see the increased value.

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  • AnnabelM

    The shift in social media use you speak of is a positive one and good to hear. As consumers are becoming more comfortable withe medium they are looking for more substance in their engagement with it. No longer do they feel satisfied with simply sharing the latest pic of their cat looking cute. They want to go a little deeper and talk about the work or business ideas that they feel are important which is great. This will show SM’s true power of snowballing great ideas that move us forward. Thanks for the info Scott!

    •  I agree AnnabelM – Social Media is changing the way we talk about business, news and politics. It has truly democratized the process of sharing information and I think that’s exciting.