The Mouse Gets Social

The Mouse Gets Social

I’m a huge fan of Chris Brogan. I met him several years back at Podcast & New Media Expo (before the event was sold to Blogworld.) At the time, Chris was a podcaster – his reputation hadn’t blown up yet to his current status. Today, he’s one of a few marquee names in the space of new media business consultants. I’m an avid reader of his blog and constantly find things worth sharing via Twitter and Facebook.

This week I found an interview he published with Disney CEO, Bob Iger, and wanted to share it with you. First off, Bob is an incredibly busy high-profile person. Getting an interview with him is no small feat. Additionally, I was impressed with how open he was with Chris about some of the more granular aspects of Disney’s marketing efforts.

I found these points of particular interest:

  • How was the CEO of Disney sold on the value of social media for his company? Disney has over a billion people connected to their various social channels but how do you take that first leap of faith?
  • How does Disney find the right blend of high-tech vs. high-touch?
  • How does technology make an experience more compelling?
  • How does the CEO of Disney move past bad days?

Companies don’t get much bigger or more diverse in their offerings than Disney. Managing a brand of that size across so many channels is mind-numbing. If they can do it in a way that their CEO can articulate so well, why can’t other companies?