Grow Your Audience with Twitter

Grow Your Audience with Twitter

Today I wrote a post for the eBay Partner Network Blog that I think is very relevant to my readers here. I’ve often talked about the importance of using social media in a smart way that is centered around goals and building log term brand reputation:

From the ePN Blog:

“As publishers at eBay Partner Network, many of you use websites or blogs as part of your business model. That means you’re constantly thinking about how to increase traffic to those properties and stimulate more engagement with your brand. Today I want to talk to you about how you can accomplish that more effectively using Twitter.”

For me, using Twitter involves three major components:

1. Setting Up Your Infrastructure

Did you choose a Twitter handle that properly reflects and represents your brand? Did you complete your profile in a complete and thoughtful way? Did you include your URL?

2. Creating Excellent Content

A couple weeks back I wrote about how Content is King – that applies especially to social media channels like Twitter. How can you expect people to follow and engage with you on Twitter unless you have something interesting or important to say? A word of caution though: don’t use Twitter as a one-way broadcast channel. People get over that really fast. Instead, try to get involved in conversations and be part of a meaningful dialogue.

3. Building Your Community

This will take you a bit of time and effort and shortcuts will usually come back and bite you. I recommend following people that are into the same things that interest you. Do keyword searches for people that have the same types of interests and engage them in a discussion. Over time, people will see you a contributing member of the community and will start to follow you back.

Make sure you check out the full article over at the eBay Partner Network Blog for a deeper dive on these points.