Do the Unexpected

Do the Unexpected

Playing it safe in the world of marketing is the norm. It’s easy to create parameters and then build your initiatives within them. It’s also lazy. Sure, I get that parameters exist for a reason, but sometimes we have to challenge ourselves and those around us to break free from those constraints. Take Woolite for example. You know, Woolite, the mild-mannered household laundry brand geared towards Moms concerned about their most delicate fabrics. Well, they took a sledgehammer to their marketing parameters recently when they teamed up with Rob Zombie to create this spot:

“Don’t let detergents torture your clothes.” Absolute genius.

The fact that Woolite went all-in on this is what makes it so compelling for me. They could have done a “spooky” ad with any number of qualified commercial directors, yet they chose to go for the jugular and get Rob Zombie. Not only is he renowned as a director of horror films, he’s a musician with hoards of fans and a ton of street cred. Clearly someone at Woolite understood the impact of juxtaposing two polar opposites of the brand spectrum.

What other campaigns can you think of in this realm? Who else has taken these types of risks in hopes of a great payoff? Could your brand make a leap like this?

  • Arjan

    That’s pretty awesome.

    • I thought so too. One of the ballsiest marketing moves I’ve seen in a long time.