Building Relationships: Franco Uomo

Building Relationships: Franco Uomo

Those that know me understand my love of fashion. I’m obsessed with shoes, jackets, vintage rock tees, premium denim and bespoke dress shirts. Many of you also know that I spend a fair amount of time at the eBay Mothership in San Jose. When you combine the aforementioned two, it’s not hard to understand how I came to be a loyal Franco Uomo customer at his shop on Santana Row.

Franco has a personality that is larger than life. He’s animated, generous and has a spectacular eye for detail. When you buy something from him, it’ll be fairly expensive, but you know you’ve purchased the very best.

Franco and his staff have been very good to me over the last couple of years, but a week ago they went above and beyond what I could ever expect from any business relationship.

I realize that most businesses will never be in a position to do something like this for their customers. Beyond the fact that it’s the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack, it just doesn’t scale. However, I think there is something here for the rest of us. How can we pick up signals from our customers and act on them in a way that shows how much we value them, not just for their business, but as people? I’ve been swishing that question around in my tiny brain for over a week and I don’t have an answer. I’d love to know what you come up with…

Franco has always told me that relationships are the most important thing to him. Relationships should be at the heart of every business strategy. Are they the centerpiece of yours?