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The Absurdity of the Apple Watch Edition

10 Mar

The Absurdity of the Apple Watch Edition

Yesterday Apple announced the details around the Apple Watch. Tim Cook announced three different product lines; Sport, Watch and Edition. The first two tiers fall in line with what you’d expect ($349 and $549 respectively) for a product like this. It was the third line, Edition, that caused many to do a double-take. I understand why Apple did it – why wouldn’t they want to compete in the luxury watch market alongside the likes of Rolex, Panerai, Cartier and Patek Philippe? Watches from those brands easily command prices from the low thousands to almost a million dollars.

What Apple seems to be forgetting is that other luxury timepieces are investments that, with proper care and maintenance, will last you a lifetime. In fact, many of those watches are passed down from generation to generation. So, yes, $10,000 for a Rolex might seem steep, but when you consider it could be part of your family for 50-100 years, you can see the value. Watchmaking is an age-old craft that mixes artistry and science. The precision it takes to produce a proper mechanical timepiece is incredible. And, that technology hasn’t changed all that much since the 17th century.

Now let’s think about spending $10,000 – $17,000 on an Apple Watch Edition. That watch certainly won’t be something you’ll pass on to your children or grandchildren unless the thought of passing on a rotary phone or your old Sony Walkman sounds appealing to you. Try to think about the last electronic product you’ve owned and actively used on a regular basis for more than five or six years. Can you imagine still using the first or second generation iPhone, for example?

I would expect Apple to offer some sort of upgrade path for those that purchase the Edition. Whether it’s the ability to upgrade the software significantly from version to version or a guaranteed trade-in amount toward the purchase of a newer model, it feels like Apple should address this in some meaningful way.

Personally, I have an affinity for watches. And while I don’t have any in the $10,000+ range, I do have a great swiss timepiece from Baume & Mercier. It’s simple and elegant and something I hope to pass on someday. The Apple Watch is fun and seems like it would be quite useful for many things. But as an investment timepiece? That’s a bridge too far Apple.

For the record, I’ll almost certainly buy one – either the Sport or Watch – but, I’ll look at them as pieces of technology with planned obsolescence, like an iPhone.

What do you think? Will you be buying an Apple Watch? What tier are you looking at? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Holiday Update – Where Have I Been?

21 Dec

Holiday Update – Where Have I Been?

I know, I’ve been MIA here for a while. Instead of hashing it all out in a blog post, I thought I’d update you by video about my recent move to eBay and remind you that there’s lots of great library content here about Social Media, SEO, Video, Analytics and even a business lesson from Van Halen.

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday and an amazing New Year! See you in 2013!

SEO Best Practices: Content and Link Auditing

17 Jul

SEO Best Practices: Content and Link Auditing

As a content creator I understand firsthand how easy it can be to lose yourself in the afterglow of impactful blog posts or well-produced video segments. I’ve often said that content is king and that should be enough to distinguish yourself from the pack. The unfortunate reality is that we have to give more than a passing thought to SEO and how search engines perceive our website. Since Google released their Panda and Penguin updates, they’ve turned the online world on its ear.

Recently I produced a video for eBay Partner Network’s ePN TV about the importance of content and link auditing on your website and the types of things that marketers needs to pay attention to.

In terms of qualifications, you don’t get any better than my friend, Jordan Koene, at eBay. He understands SEO on a level that most of us can’t comprehend. The good news is that he’s a very generous soul that doesn’t mind sharing his vast wealth of knowledge.

I’m curious to know how Panda and Penguin have affected your website or blog over the last several months? Have you been able to avoid getting clobbered in search rankings? I’d love to hear what you’ve done to address these updates in the comments below.

Meet Me at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas

3 Jan

Meet Me at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas

On Saturday I’ll be heading to Las Vegas to attend Affiliate Summit West at Caesar’s Palace. I always look forward to this event, not only to catch up with friends in the online marketing industry, but also to see what people are excited about for the coming year. Because this show butts right up against CES there is always spillover between the consumer electronics and affiliate worlds – a nice convergence indeed.

I will be there representing eBay Partner Network – eBay’s in-house affiliate program. I’ll be there to chat with publishers and capture the vibe for a short video documentary about Affiliate Summit. I’d love the chance to chat with you about your experiences in the online marketing space. What are you excited about this year? What will everyone be talking about at the show?

If you’re going to be at #ASW12, reach out to me by either leaving a comment here or via Twitter (@scottparent). I look forward to catching up on the expo floor or over drinks in Vegas!

Happy New Year

27 Dec

I’m sitting in bed at my Mom’s house in NH as I write this. It’s two days after Christmas and I’ve got a head cold / stomach bug. As I’m propped up, sniffling, catching up on email and surfing the web for the news of the day, I’m reminded of how much goes on in the world outside our tiny tech / social media / marketing bubble. When you look at all the events and occurrences that have unfolded this year throughout the world, it really puts day-to-day life in perspective. So, with that in mind, I wanted to take a moment and wish all of you a happy and safe new year.

Update From BlogWorld New York

24 May

Update From BlogWorld New York

I arrived in New York last night at about 8:00. It was not a pleasant flight. Turbulence made for a mostly white-knuckled flight and Newark shut down their air corridor causing us to be an hour or so later than expected. That said, I was able to relax a bit last night with a few members of the eBay Partner Network Team and prep for today’s opening day at BlogWorld Expo.

Are you here in New York? I’d love to connect. Tweet me: @scottparent or send me a Facebook message.

BlogWorld New York

20 May

BlogWorld New York

On Monday I’m heading to New York for BlogWorld – the first since they bailed out of Vegas and decided to split the coasts in New York and Los Angeles. I’m curious to see how that changes the dynamic of the event. One of my favorite parts of BlogWorld in years past is that it didn’t feel so sales-sy like other events held in NYC. Instead, there was a genuine sense of community and connection inclusive of bloggers, podcasters and photographers. Will this event keep that same feel? I hope so.

I get in Monday evening and I’m there until Friday. I’m there representing eBay Partner Network and I’m looking forward to meeting some of our existing publishers. I’m also hoping to get a sense of the perception of ePN in the marketplace and what we can do to make it easier for content creators to work with us. Of course, I’m also excited to see old friends, enjoy some great food and a few cocktails.

If you’ll be in New York next week I hope you’ll track me down. Send me a message on Facebook or Tweet me. Safe travels to New York!

The Train is Leaving the Station

7 Jan

The Train is Leaving the Station

Over the last couple of years many of you have asked why I didn’t have my own blog – my own dedicated space to pontificate. After all, those that know me can tell you I have an opinion and a theory on nearly everything.

Well, there are several reasons. First, I’ve always had a few different outlets to share my thoughts. On a personal level, I’ve been talking politics, culture and entertainment news over at for the last five and a half years. On the professional side, I was the editor-in-chief of the MediaTrust Blog for three years and got to write whatever I wanted about online marketing, social media and the affiliate space. I even wrote a few columns for Adotas back in the day. With all those channels to express myself, I didn’t feel the need, or frankly have the time, to launch and promote my own marketing blog. I was so busy helping others develop and nurture their marketing efforts, I let my own personal brand take a back seat. You know the story about the cobblers kids not having shoes…

Lately though I’ve been getting an itch. I see so many companies taking the wrong approach in building their brand or acquiring customers. I just can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. I’ve made it my new year’s resolution to become part of the conversation again. For awhile I did write the occasional marketing post on American Cliche, but it didn’t feel like the right forum. So, with the help of my longtime partner, Brian Brodeur, I’ve setup a new blog dedicated to my views of online marketing.

My goal is to help companies start thinking differently about the way they approach marketing. What is the true value of social media? How can you turn traffic into customers? How can you use email in a smart and effective way? How can you create and share content that will be valuable to your audience? How can you turn a competitor’s disgruntled customer into a cheerleader for your business? I may not have all the answers to these questions, but I’ve got some ideas and I think we can start a fruitful dialogue that can help us better understand some of the new shifts in the marketing landscape.

So welcome aboard my marketing train. I hope you find the ride worthwhile.

Happy New Year.