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The Train is Leaving the Station

7 Jan

The Train is Leaving the Station

Over the last couple of years many of you have asked why I didn’t have my own blog – my own dedicated space to pontificate. After all, those that know me can tell you I have an opinion and a theory on nearly everything.

Well, there are several reasons. First, I’ve always had a few different outlets to share my thoughts. On a personal level, I’ve been talking politics, culture and entertainment news over at americancliche.net for the last five and a half years. On the professional side, I was the editor-in-chief of the MediaTrust Blog for three years and got to write whatever I wanted about online marketing, social media and the affiliate space. I even wrote a few columns for Adotas back in the day. With all those channels to express myself, I didn’t feel the need, or frankly have the time, to launch and promote my own marketing blog. I was so busy helping others develop and nurture their marketing efforts, I let my own personal brand take a back seat. You know the story about the cobblers kids not having shoes…

Lately though I’ve been getting an itch. I see so many companies taking the wrong approach in building their brand or acquiring customers. I just can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. I’ve made it my new year’s resolution to become part of the conversation again. For awhile I did write the occasional marketing post on American Cliche, but it didn’t feel like the right forum. So, with the help of my longtime partner, Brian Brodeur, I’ve setup a new blog dedicated to my views of online marketing.

My goal is to help companies start thinking differently about the way they approach marketing. What is the true value of social media? How can you turn traffic into customers? How can you use email in a smart and effective way? How can you create and share content that will be valuable to your audience? How can you turn a competitor’s disgruntled customer into a cheerleader for your business? I may not have all the answers to these questions, but I’ve got some ideas and I think we can start a fruitful dialogue that can help us better understand some of the new shifts in the marketing landscape.

So welcome aboard my marketing train. I hope you find the ride worthwhile.

Happy New Year.