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SEO Best Practices: Content and Link Auditing

17 Jul

SEO Best Practices: Content and Link Auditing

As a content creator I understand firsthand how easy it can be to lose yourself in the afterglow of impactful blog posts or well-produced video segments. I’ve often said that content is king and that should be enough to distinguish yourself from the pack. The unfortunate reality is that we have to give more than a passing thought to SEO and how search engines perceive our website. Since Google released their Panda and Penguin updates, they’ve turned the online world on its ear.

Recently I produced a video for eBay Partner Network’s ePN TV about the importance of content and link auditing on your website and the types of things that marketers needs to pay attention to.

In terms of qualifications, you don’t get any better than my friend, Jordan Koene, at eBay. He understands SEO on a level that most of us can’t comprehend. The good news is that he’s a very generous soul that doesn’t mind sharing his vast wealth of knowledge.

I’m curious to know how Panda and Penguin have affected your website or blog over the last several months? Have you been able to avoid getting clobbered in search rankings? I’d love to hear what you’ve done to address these updates in the comments below.

Google and Amazon Are Leaving Money on the Table

10 May

Today Google announced the launch of “Music Beta,” their cloud-based music service. While it is invite-only and I haven’t seen it first hand, I do know that it is not Apple-friendly. You may recall that Amazon excluded Apple devices some weeks back when they launched their music service in the cloud. I think both Google and Amazon are making huge errors in judgment and showing some shortsightedness.

First off, Apple owns the tablet, smartphone and music player markets. By excluding these devices from your service you are pushing away the majority of the marketplace that would otherwise use your service. The masses have been clamoring for this type of cloud-based service for years. Amazon and Google both beat Apple to market, why are they squandering that lead out of the gate by insisting their products use Flash?

Second, both Amazon and Google are missing the opportunity for early adopters to plant the flag in their platform. Any cloud service is going to require a user to upload their music collection to the cloud for the first time – that is no small undertaking. I have just under 12,000 songs in my library – that’s going to take days to upload all of them to a cloud-based service. If Amazon or Google had launched their services with an iPhone or iPad app, I would have pledged my allegiance and stuck with them. We all know that Apple is going to be rolling out their own service someday soon, but I believe that once people take the time to dump their music into the cloud for Amazon or Google, they’re not going to be bothered to do it again for Apple.

So, what the hell is really going on here? Is it solely about Adobe Flash? I honestly can’t wrap my head around why any company would exclude the majority of their potential customers right out of the gate. It makes absolutely no business sense to me. I’d love to pick your brains here and see what I must be missing. Please leave a comment below.

You Got Me Gmail…

1 Apr

You Got Me Gmail…

I’m not one for April Fool’s jokes. They always seem so obvious to me. Today, I was definitely caught off guard.

I logged into my Gmail account and noticed the “Gmail Motion BETA” link at the top right-hand corner. I clicked on it and proceeded to watch the video:

As I was watching it I kept thinking about how stupid this was. I kept thinking, “wow, this is going to fail bigtime.” It never occured to me that this was an April Fool’s joke. I guess I’m the idiot.

Kudos to Goole for maintaing their sense of humor and clearly spending significant resources to make this all happen.